About Skycore Capital

Photo of Amr Elborai. CEO of SKYCORE CAPITAL

Amr Elborai
Skycore Capital CEO

SKYCORE CAPITAL was founded by Amr A. Elborai, whose extensive experience, leadership and unique skill-sets are reflected in every transaction.

Since its inception SKYCORE’s goal has been acquiring select high quality assets at a discount to replacement cost. Then, through active operational improvements and capital investment, Amr and his team add the value that translates into solid economic returns on SKYCORE investment properties.

By developing a wide network of real estate professionals, financiers, and insurance providers, Amr seeks out excellent investment opportunities throughout the US real estate market for SKYCORE and its global network of investors.

Prior to founding SKYCORE, Amr spent 20 years in capital markets. His expertise led to key positions across various sectors, including hedge fund management, project finance, real estate development, and corporate finance.

Amr Elborai’s diverse background includes extensive C-level leadership responsibilities. At a privately held bank he originated and structured in excess of $500 million in commercial and industrial real estate finance transactions. Under his direction as Head of Strategy for a leading diesel engine parts manufacturer, company revenue doubled resulting in a tenfold increase in EBITDA and significant cash reserves. Mr. Elborai was then able to leverage his real estate expertise to utilize excess cash from operations to build a real estate portfolio that now serves as a hedging mechanism and profit stabilizer for the manufacturing company. As a Portfolio Manager for a leading hedge fund he oversaw a $1.5 billion real estate debt portfolio. He also served as Risk Manager for a large U.S. utility managing a volume in excess of $1 billion in energy derivatives.

Amr holds an MBA in Corporate Finance from The University of Dallas, where he graduated summa cum laude and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Southern Methodist University, where he graduated magna cum laude.