A Strategic Competitive Advantage Over Other Fund Structures

SKYCORE CAPITAL’s unique business model is designed to provide higher potential returns to our investors.

The SKYCORE portfolio includes office, retail, medical, industrial and residential properties. Our investment options range from existing cash-flowing properties to ground-up horizontal and vertical development.

Using SKYCORE’S proprietary networks, we identify value-add opportunities that meet our stringent criteria for solid economic returns with comparatively low downside risk. Our goal is to acquire these high quality assets at a discount to replacement cost. We then add value through active operational improvements and strategic capital investment.

This unique investment approach is accomplished through extensive due diligence based on decades of experience.


Investor capital is raised only when the ideal property has been
identified and secured

The advantages to our investors are significant.

SKYCORE’s Limited Partnership U.S. market opportunities are based on total transparency in the cash flow stream. These premium assets are available to investors around the world.